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An Ultimate Guide to Write Sales Content That Converts

## Introduction

This guide will teach you how to write sales content that converts.

## What is it for?

If you’re just starting out as a copywriter, this guide will help you understand the basics of sales copywriting. If you already know the basics, then you can use this guide as a reference for when you need to write a sales copy. You can also use it as a starting point for your next sales copy project.

## What is sales copy?

Sales copy is the written content that you use to sell your product or service. It’s the copy that you write on your website, in your emails, on your landing pages, and on your social media profiles. It is also the copy you write in your sales conversations with your potential customers. Sales copy can be as long or as short as you want it to be, but it should always be written in a way that convinces people to buy from you.

## Types of sales content

Sales content can be broken down into four different types:

1. Product descriptions

2. Promotions

3. Customer reviews

4. Case studies

### Product descriptions

A product description is a written description of the product that you are selling. A good product description will tell people what your product is, why they should buy it, and what it can do for them. A product description can be long or short, depending on the type of product you are trying to sell and the amount of information that you want to share with your customers.

### Promotions

Promotions are short sales copy that can be used to promote your products or services. They are usually written in the form of a headline, a subheadline, and a body paragraph. Promotions are often used to drive traffic to your website or landing pages.

– Headline: The headline is the most important part of the promotion. It should grab people’s attention, and it should encourage them to read the rest of the copy. The headline should be short, catchy, and attention-grabbing, but not so short that it doesn’t give people a reason to click on the link to your landing page or website. The best way to create a good headline is to think about what you would say to someone if they were standing in front of you and you needed to sell them your product. For example, if you were selling a car, you might say something like: “This is the best car on the market right now” or “The best car you can buy today”.

– Subhead: A subhead is a shorter version of the headline. It’s used to break up the copy and to give people an idea of what they are about to read. The subhead should be shorter than the headline, but longer than the body paragraph that follows it. The length of the subhead will depend on the length of your headline and the size of the space that you have to work with.

– If you have a lot of space, you can have a longer subhead. However, if your headline is very short, you don’t want to have a long subhead because it will take up too much space.

– A good subhead can make the difference between people reading your copy and not reading it at all. If your subhead grabs their attention, then they are more likely to read your entire copy. If they don’t read it, they will just scroll down your page and move on to the next thing that catches their eye.

### Body Paragraph

The body paragraph is the meat of your promotion. This is where you give people the information that they need to know to make a buying decision. The body paragraph should be long enough to tell people everything that they want to know about your product, but short enough that they don’t have to read it all at once. You want to give them enough information so that they can make an informed decision about whether or not to buy, but you also want to keep it short enough so that people don’t get bored or lose interest in your promotion before they have a chance to read all of the information.

– When you write your body paragraph, think about how you would explain your product to a friend or family member. What would you tell them? What are the benefits of your product? Why should they buy it? How does it make their life easier? What does it do for their business?

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