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Lifetime Achievement Award

The deadline for nominations is March 18, 2011.

This annual award honours outstanding contributions to the magazine essay publishing industry of Western Canada, whether by founders, publishers, editors, art directors, writers, photographers, illustrators, designers, sales representatives, or a related field that has helped establish and maintain the success of our efforts.

We ask you to tell us who should receive this year’s award, which will be presented at the 29th Annual Awards ceremony.

Since inauguration in 1998, recipients have been: Ted Byfield (publisher); Malcolm Parry (editor/columnist); Daniel Wood (writer); Peter Legge (publisher); Dan McLeod (publisher/editor) Meeka Walsh (editor/writer), Rick Staehling (art director) and Stephen Osborne (editor-in-chief, Geist magazine).

To establish your nominee’s eligibility, please write us a letter detailing their qualifications, providing information about as many of the following points as possible:

1. Years in industry. How many?

2. Mentoring. How do they encourage and assist young people in the field or those starting their careers?

3. Service to industry. In what committees or associations connected to the industry do they participate?

4. Profile. How well are they known in the community/region/industry (or do they have national or international presence)?

5. Building the industry. Have they started publications, companies, increased numbers of employees/staff, demonstrably expanded readership/profile of publication?

If the nominee is a writer/photographer/illustrator etc., how do they shine above others in the field and raise the bar within their genre?

You are invited to submit your nominations by courier, Canada Post or email. Please provide contact information for both yourself and the person you are nominating. There is no fee to nominate your peer. We ask only that you make time to present your nominee in a manner that best represents their commitment and contribution to our industry, as per the above guidelines.


Thank you.

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